Are there accommodations for the deaf and hearing impaired? We offer wireless hearing aid devices that are interfaced with our sound system, aiding in your ability to hear the entire service.

Is there a dress code? We don’t have a dress code. Some people wear a coat and tie while others wear t-shirts and shorts. It’s what you are comfortable wearing.

Where do I park? Our circular parking lot flows counter-clockwise. If you require door drop off, simply pull up to the front doors. There are also many handicap spaces available.

Will I have to say anything, sign anything or be singled out in any way? No!

What about my kids? Children 4 years and younger are invited to go to the nursery or stay with their families during worship service as those 5 years and older will be doing. We do have activity bags available for the children to take to their seats. Parents, we are glad you are here, and we want you to do what works best for your family!