Buildings & Grounds: Maintains the church buildings and grounds in a professional manner with special attention to safety and to provide an inviting place to worship God. Coordinates the maintenance and upgrades to our buildings and exterior grounds. Responsible for setting up tables and chairs for special events at the church. Chair: Wayne Dewey

Christian Education: Provides a dynamic, reformed, belief based adult education program that allows each adult to study and learn, starting at each adult’s spiritual level. The programs include Bible studies, topical studies, different learning experiences and techniques, Presbyterian beliefs, and fellowship. Faithfully engages, empowers, and nurtures our children, youth, and families through prayer, mission, and worship with the goal of developing children and youth’s spirituality and to teach children and youth God’s word in an interactive, engaging way. Creates special events throughout the year and oversees summer ministries, such as Vacation Bible School and mission trips. Chair: Laurie McCleskey

Endowment: An elected committee that creates awareness within the congregation of the need and joy of making financial gifts to the church to receive those gifts, and to act with proper fiduciary responsibility to oversee the investment management and disbursement of endowment funds. Once assets are accepted, the Endowment Committee is committed to honor the gift designations and the wishes of the donor(s). The selection of the Bohm scholarship is a responsibility of this committee. Chair: Jamie Linville

Finance: Develops and recommends an annual budget to the Session with input from the staff and committees. Budget is monitored on a regular basis by reviewing the monthly financial information provided by the Treasurer. Reviews the church’s insurance coverage to determine if it is adequate for the needs of the church. Monitors and negotiates contracts for the church. Collects per capita from members. Committee goal is to look out for the financial well-being of the church by establishing internal financial controls to contain and minimize costs. Chair: Joe Henderson

Mission: Identifies and informs the congregation of local, national, and international mission opportunities. This team organizes participation in select mission opportunities including donations of time, money, specific items, and talents. Co-Chairs: Linda Origlio and Lori Shankle

Nominating: An elected committee is elected that is representative of the demographics of the congregation, including at least one deacon and two elders. Puts together a slate of candidates for available deacon and elder positions annually. Chair: Bill Alsdorf

Nurture: Works to develop opportunities for fellowship and gathering for the congregation to build relationships. Events include working with Dinners for 8 groups and the Tiara luncheon. Chair: Jody Phillips

Outreach: Welcomes visitors and reaches out to the community to invite others to join us in our faith journey, through worship, activities, and events. Chair: Joann Briggs

Personnel: Oversees the hiring, supervision, compensation, and termination of all paid staff members of the church under the guidance of the pastor and session. The committee shall define and update job descriptions, staff performance standards and goal setting, and compensation adequacy for all staff positions. Chair: Steve Simcox

Stewardship: Plans and implements stewardship events, campaigns, etc. throughout the year to promote participation in giving of time, talents, and monetary donations. Chair: Matt Miller

Worship: Primary goal is to attain total excellence in the worship experience and to have people take that experience with them into their daily lives and share it with others. Encourages congregational participation in all aspects of worship, including, liturgists, greeters, PowerPoint and sound technicians, vocal and instrumental musicians, sanctuary visuals, and children’s time. Chair: Donna Prochoda